I found a nice talk given at the Pivot: AIGA Design Conference 2011 by type designer Jonathan Hoefler   (Hoefler Text, Archer), where he talks about the state of web fonts today. Enjoy — it’s super interesting.



Today and tomorrow, you can watch some of the TYPO London presentations live and for free. Timetable below. Have a nice half-term. Christoph

UPDATE: Their internet broke down before the 4 ‘o clock talk on Friday, it’s unclear whether Neville Brody’s talk will be streamed as well.

Friday, October 21st:
16:00 – Lawrence Weiner – SCULPTURE MADE OF LANGUAGE
20:00 – Neville Brody: 20 YEARS

Saturday, October 22nd:
10:00 – Marina Willer – BRANDING AND SPACES
19:00 – Chip Kidd – “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”

Interview with one of my favourite type designers, Erik Spiekermann. He founded the type reseller FontShop and foundry FontFont. Those are the same companies we were watching a video about at college. There is some great stuff in there, like his prediction that print and web design are going to become the same — that sounds like great material for discussion!

You can find Spiekermann and Stocks on Twitter, as well as on the web here and here.

Website: FontShop, FontFont.

Editor’s note – shown above: The first page of Stanley Morison’s 1930 text, ‘First Principles of Typography’. Although the advice he gives is definitely ‘of its era’ which of these principles still apply (or can be adapted) to using type today? Click here for source credit for this photo and to view related images in a gallery (Flickr).

Quick overview: observations by Grant Robinson
In his booklet, ‘First Principles of Typography’, Stanley Morison concentrates on Read More