FF Tundra

There is a new article on ilovetypography.com talking about Ludwig Übele’s FF Tundra. Well worth the read just to get a designer’s interpretation of what makes a good text face. Extremely handsome typeface in my opinion, and I love the name too – tundra is a beautiful word (don’t ask me why though, I’ve always liked it)

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  1. jim said:

    Reminds me a bit of Gerard Unger’s typeface, ‘Swift’.

    Riding that NE train into Southend – thought I’d add a note about ‘Desert island typefaces’ one of the visual exercises required for your workbooks.

    Please think about this premise for a while: if you were on a desert island and for some bizarre reason you were only allowed seven typeface families, which would you choose?

    Please note that you will be required to complete 3 visual problems with the typefaces you’ve chosen: 1. Storefront signage, 2. Four pages of a book layout and 3.

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