Hey – here’s a recent interview and a useful reference resource :

Exclusive interview with Fontsmith’s Fernando Mello (pictured below); image credit: offers many good resources which can be useful for your workbooks (click to view): The first book shown, ‘Lettering: A Reference Manual of Techniques’ is by Andy Haslam, my old typography tutor at CSM. I recently bought a copy of this and will give you some excerpts (what’s appropriate and recommended for academic use).

I’ll also speak to Jill in the library again about getting this and other books we’ve discussed in class ordered in as multiple copies to borrow. Another interview from that’s worth reading:

Emanuela Conidi has been working with Fontsmith for 3 years as a Type Designer and offers some unusual insights into her inspirations, influences and working process. Her interview is posted here.

And, last but not least: I want to be very clear about your workbook preparation for your assignments. At least one – and if specified next week, two – visual assignment(s)for each category of theoretical study will definitely be required. Here’s an example posted on typetoken for a visual typographic exercise to get you started: the phraseology project.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ll go over specifics in class. Discussions and dialogues are needed; not everything can be (or should be) posted online, J.


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