FS Education

The FontShop education section has a few very well written PDFs on Typography, many of which directly relate to our Brief. Here’s a list of their free educational documents

FontShop EducationDownload all 12 PDFs

Directly relevant

  • Meet Your Type; A Field Guide to Typography
  • The Typographer’s Glossary; Common Type Terminology
  • Type Anatomy; A Primer of Typographic Terms
  • The Right Font for the Job; Type Selection: Beyond the Look of the Letter
  • Styles, Weights, and Widths; It’s All in the (Type) Family
  • Figuring it Out; Old Style Figures, Lining Figures and Tabular Figures Explained

Other documents

  • Helvetica; Complements and Alternatives
  • Webfonts; A Designer’s Guide
  • Licensing 101; Free Fonts Are Not Always Free
  • What is Open Type?
  1. Christoph said:

    Thanks for updating the title – that single N looked terrible.

    • Jim said:

      It’s a weird template in that we all must remember to write very short headlines or this is possible. Happened to one of my posts, too, J

  2. Christoph said:

    We can choose some other template any time we fell like it – this was just the first I came across that looked both reasonably simple and well-structured directly after I set up the blog.

    • Jim said:

      All’s good with it Christoph – no worries. It works fine I think – we all just need to remember its preference for short headings. It’s a good habit to get into anyway – usually you can clarify easily with the post (longer details), J

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