Ivo Sousa

Converse Desire from Ivo Sousa (animation and animal design) and the Mill.

Please let’s all thank Ivo Sousa for taking time out of his busy schedule on Thursday, 22 September
to show his ‘Manatomicals’ animations and other recent works, including his new showreel as works in progress. I hope you’ll agree that attending his lecture was worthwhile . As Ivo mentioned in his talk, if the typography doesn’t suit the context or mood of a piece – if this is ‘wrong’ or ‘clunks’ as noisy or inappropriate forms – this detracts heavily from a visual work’s overall effect.

I haven’t met anyone working at his level who disagrees with this premise. Everyone’s different and everyone should explore different perspectives, views, opinions, forms and working methods. But getting the type right always requires carefully considered thought and planning – even if the overall effect is very spontaneous, hand rendered and fun to watch. BTW, I’ve asked Ivo to let me know when his paintings are exhibiting in east London and I’ll post a notice then.

And, yes – I ‘pre-dated’ this post  back to 22 September so we all could remember when Ivo gave his lecture. WordPress lets you specify the date so you can re-arrange any post’s order. We (Dave Welsh and I) will teach you more about using WordPress, HTML and CSS next semester, J


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